Security Solutions That Don't Break The Bank

Security Monitoring

  • Scanning your networks and applications then analyzing the data in an easy-to-interpret dashboard. Starting as low as only $49/month
  • Provides simple, actionable information to the business owner without all the jargon, hype, and confusion of other more expensive products.
  • Real-world tested and trusted by organizations ranging from a few network endpoints to many thousands. Easily scales to meet any demand.
  • White-label and other custom solutions are available for resellers, managed service providers, and enterprise partners.
  • Integrates with many major ticketing solutions, allowing you to quickly respond to their critical security issues.

Penetration Testing

  • For companies that need to go beyond a regular Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Testing for PCI compliance and more performed by certified professionals with years of experience.
  • Our "White Hats" conduct a comprehensive attack and evaluate the results.
  • Our SMEs exploit the same weaknesses and exploits that a real hacker would.
  • Our "White Hats" give you a detailed report and suggest remediation.
  • Our team can also conduct Social Engineering Attacks to determine the effectiveness of staff training and awareness.

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Our security experts assess your security posture and provide in-depth recommendations to harden your infrastructure.
  • This information is compiled into an easy-to-interpret report that includes ranked issues, recommendations, and other findings designed to feed budget and remediation decisions by your executive team.
  • Our analysts even go so far as to perform deep searches of the "dark net" for information being traded with your name or brand, leaving no stone unturned in search of the most comprehensive data.

Security Training

  • We help train your staff to ensure you stay CyberSecure.
  • Our professionals have expertise in providing such services to organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to federal agencies and beyond.
  • Every client is critical, because every business is a target.

Security Advisory

  • As businesses grow, so too should your security stance. We ensure that you are covered with repeatable processes and expert guidance.
  • Our experts advise managers, staff and executives on security policy and procedure.
  • We help craft detailed security plans in accordance with standards, regulatory guidance and best practices.