Our Services

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Our certified team of assessors conduct an initial scan of your networks using scanner software that we provide and configure it to your network specifications and tailor the resulting detailed report to your requirements.
  • Our experts review the details of the report in-person and provide a list of security issues from most to least critical based on your risk profile.
  • After the initial assessment is completed, a scheduled scan service is left in place.
  • Results are populated daily in a custom compliance dashboard that is designed to provide easy-to-interpret vulnerability data for all manner of audiences ranging from IT professionals to executive managers.

Managed Security

  • Our around-the-clock (24x7x365) automated Security Operations Center (SOC) continuously monitors your technology environment for vulnerabilities, suspicious behavior, intrusions/attacks, and regulatory compliance in order to maintain your hard-earned security stance.
  • Components of this include log and event monitoring, anti-virus/malware monitoring, security patch management, configuration management, incident response, compliance management, threat intelligence and more for all types of systems, devices and networked infrastructure.
  • We customize our approach based on your budget and risk profile.

Cybersecurity Engineering

  • Our certified cybersecurity engineers work with customers to help them identify, articulate, and document policy and best practices.
  • Subject matter expertise implementing the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), as well as CUI, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, SCRM and other standards as applicable.
  • We map the best path forward for continued compliance and improvement of your security posture.

Penetration Testing

  • For companies that need to go beyond a regular Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Our SMEs exploit the same weaknesses and exploits that a real hacker would.
  • Our "White Hats" give you a detailed report and suggest remediation.
  • Our team can also conduct Social Engineering Attacks to determine the effectiveness of staff training and awareness.

Virtual CISO Services

  • As businesses grow, so too should your security stance. We ensure that you are covered with repeatable processes and expert guidance.
  • Our experts advise managers, staff and executives on security policy and procedure.
  • We help craft detailed security plans in accordance with standards, regulatory guidance and best practices.